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Binks Disposable Spray Booth Filter Paper

  • Up to 98% filtration efficiency.
  • Outlasts other filters three to five times.
  • High loading capacity - longer working life - low pressure drop.
  • Expansion strapping ensures correct spacing of filter corrugations.
  • Filter marked at every foot for ease of cutting.
  • Concertina design reduces storage and transportation costs.
  • Four face filtration.
  • Bright white spray face - improves spraybooth lighting conditions.
  • Made at the Binks factory in Scotland
  • Stapled construction for strength and longer life.

Booth Filter paper



Booth Filter Paper









Binks SUPER FILTER - Super Efficiency Spray Booth Filter

  • Super Filter – outlasts other filters
  • Four Face Filter Technique PLUS additional “Final Stage” polyester filter
  • Superior Construction – Glued & Stapled
  • Over 99% filtration efficiency
  • High Loading Capacity – Longer Working Life – low pressure drop
  • Fits ALL types of dry filter Spray Booths
  • Expansion strapping – ensures correct spacing of filter corrugations
  • Moisture resistant and Self Supporting
  • Concertina design – reduces storage & transportation costs.

Booth Filter paper


Booth filters

DeVilbiss DAGR Airbrush

  • Hairline detail to high paint-flow shading and gradual fades
  • Smooth double action trigger
  • Pre-set handle for precise control of paint flow
  • Light weight and balanced
  • Choice of trigger buttons
  • Removable 1/3 oz gravity cup with optional 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz



Air Brush

Devilbiss COMPACT Spray Gun VSA Gun Mounted Inline Paint Filter

  • Improves quality of paint finish by removing unwanted particles etc
  • Fits directly into the Compact spray gun body – Lighter weight and smaller size
  • Stainless Steel construction with hose end, nut & tail piece (3/8”)
  • Suitable for Waterborne & Solvent based spray materials
  • Supplied with 3 filter screens  - sizes (60, 112, & 280 micron)


Gun Filter

DeVilbiss Digital Air Pressure Adjuster

  • Clear and Accurate DIGITAL Air Pressure Display
  • Extremely accurate
  • Easy to read
  • Very tough
  • Solvent resistant
  • Zone 0 - intrinsically safe
  • Clear and easy to read, just squeeze the trigger and set
GTI pressure gauge

Digital pressure gauge

DeVilbiss In-Line Air Adjusting Valve

  • Fits neatly in-line at the gun air inlet.
  • Ideal for setting up compliant and HVLP spray guns.
  • Increase or decrease working pressure at-the-gun.
  • Loose swivel nut for convenient positioning.
  • Lightweight design (only 50 gms) does not affect balance.
  • 40mm diameter gauge in PSI and Bar.
  • Calibrated up to 11 Bar (160 PSI).
Pressure gauge

DeVilbiss Integral Style Air-Fed Vizor Outfit

  • A single air line supplies breathing and spraying air.
  • Waistbelt incorporates odour filter and pre-set vizor air regulator.
  • Vizor is supplied with both foam and fabric face seal cassettes.
  • The vizor is hinged with adjustable crown strap and ratchet headband.

Air Fed Spray Mask




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