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Solo 65KVARansburg ElectrostaticRansburg

Vector Solo Cordless Electrostatic Spray Gun 65kV

  • Reduced Barrel Length... lightweight, user friendly design is easily handled
  • Ransburg Aircaps... provide best in class atomisation and superior transfer efficiency
  • Ergonomic Handle Contouring... proper palm engagement reduces the grip force required to hold the applicator over extended use
  • Low Trigger Pull Force... reduces operator fatigue improving productivity
  • Replaceable Cascade... cascades are easily replaceable at a lower cost than a combination barrel and potted cascade assembly
  • Low Motor Speed... minimises the potential for vibration transmitted to the handle for a secure grip
  • CE marked and fully ATEX approved

The Ransburg Vector Solo Electrostatic Spray Gun 65kV provides the superior atomisation of the
original Vector Solo in a smaller, more compact design. Coupling
Ransburg’s electrostatic technology with a reduced gun size, the Vector Solo 65 kV delivers high quality finishes as well as ease of use.

The cordless design increases operator movement and flexibility for precise, consistent applications.
Ergonomically balanced, the Vector Solo 65 kV increases operator comfort and decreases fatigue.
Unique grip contouring, minimal vibration and low trigger pull force all improve handling, leading to
increased productivity.

Offering efficiency and portability in one gun, the Vector Solo 65 kV is the effective and affordable solution for applying solvent based materials in your finishing operation.

Solo sprays anywhere without electric cables for improved mobility.

Technical specs

Applicator Length 257mm
Weight: 834g
Atomising air pressure (max): 6.9 bar (100 psi)
Operating Fluid Pressure (max): 6.9 bar (100 psi)
Operating Voltage:  65kV (max)
Max Current 130 μA
Fluid Flow Capacity:  1000 ml/min



Vector AA90 Air Assisted Airless Electrostatic Spray Gun

Vector AA

  • Classic - The perfect combination of lightweight and simplicity
  • Cascade - Designed for those applications where “on the gun” control of electrostatic power output is desired
  • “Triple set point” Voltage control “on the Cascade gun”
  • Spray fan adjustment “on the gun”
  • Ultra Lightweight spray gun with reduced trigger pull tension - means reduced operator fatigue
  • Solvent and waterborne paint compatibility.
  • FM and ATEX/CE approved.

ITW Ransburg expands the Vector line of manual electrostatic spray guns with the introduction of the Vector AA90.

The electrostatic spray gun combines superior airassisted airless atomisation technology with powerful electrostatic features, all in one spray gun. This integration results in a comfortable, lightweight gun with superior spray pattern characteristics, unmatched ‘on gun’ fan pattern adjustability with extraordinary high transfer efficiencies.

Vector AA90 electrostatic spray gun is available with an extensive selection of air cap and fluid tip combinations to ensure optimum performance is achieved with the coating materials you are using today and in the future.

Vector AA90 is a rugged, yet lightweight electrostatic spray gun designed with the painter in mind

Electrostatic power with flexibility.

The electrostatic spray gun is available in classic or cascade technology able to spray solvent or waterborne coatings. You select the system most suited for your application.

Vectors control unit offers the operator ‘triple set point’ voltage control, plus power on and off, right on the cascade spray gun. This microprocessor based control allows for data to be collected. This data can then be used to correlate the amount of paint used and parts painted.

Technical data

Spray gun model
Fluid pressure (max)
190 bar (2800psi)
190 bar (2800psi)
Air Assisted Airless
Air Assisted Airless
29.2 cm
29.2 cm
708 g
793 g
Atomising air pressure (max)
6.8 bar (100 psi)
6.8 bar (100 psi)
Tip voltage
85kV maximum
85kV maximum
Max current
90 μA
90 μA
Max fluid temperature
Max fluid delivery
1,000 ml/min
1,000 ml/min

Vector AA90



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