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The Edward Searle (Pty) Ltd Group, originally established in 1896, are importers and distributors of medium technology industrial products, which are distributed throughout Southern Africa via a network of branches and regional distributors.

The company has branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Durban and resident representatives in Pretoria and East London. All these branches stock a range of equipment & spare parts and offer repair facilities. Distributors are located throughout Namibia & Botswana.

The SEARLE division is a specialist importer and distributor of leading technologies of spray painting and powder coating equipment. These products are supplied to the automotive manufacturing, truck and bus, refinishing, construction, general manufacturing, marine, corrosion control, aerospace, furniture, painting and decorative contractors, printing, road marking contractors etc.

The SAPCO INDUSTRIAL division is a specialist importer and distributor of SANS compliant lifting equipment and heavy duty pneumatic tools.

These products are sold to the automotive, petro chemical, construction, marine, offshore, mining, production and fabrication industries.

With sales and service depots / distributors throughout Southern Africa offering our extensive product range at competitive prices, Edward Searle (Pty) Ltd is committed to customer satisfaction. This is acheived by supplying top quality, leading technology products supported by professional technical service and backup.

Searle Hoist & Tool (Pty) Ltd, a Black Economic Empowerment company, was founded in 2005 as a specialist, direct, importer and distributor of high quality, heavy duty, SANS compliant lifting equipment, pneumatic tools, spray painting & powder coating equipment; fluid handling systems.

The company is a subsidiary of Edward Searle (Pty) Limited, which was originally founded in 1896.

In accordance with the objectives of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, certain of the long serving, senior male and female previously disadvantaged individuals in the Searle & Sapco Division of Edward Searle (Pty) Limited who have and continue to contribute to the efficiency of the business, have been recognised and appointed as shareholders, management and Directors of Searle Hoist & Tool (Pty) Ltd.

Management and staff will benefit further from education and skills training programmes whilst the resources, administration and general infrastructure of the major shareholder, Edward Searle (Pty) Ltd, will be available to and utilised by the Company.  The Company is in the process of adopting a Black Empowerment Plan, which illustrates our commitment to the future economic development of Previously Disadvantaged Individuals.  This plan will also include contributions to Community up-liftment programmes and socially responsible benefits for the staff and families of the Company.

Searle Hoist & Tool (Pty) Ltd, is a specialized importer and distributor of high quality, heavy duty Lifting Equipment for Mining and Industrial use.

The KING series chain blocks, lever hoists, pneumatic hoists, electric hoists and electric motor trolley units have been carefully designed and are produced by our ISO 9001 certified manufacturers certified in accordance with SANS & International Standards ensuring consistent and high quality products.

On 1 March 2004, the MINING division was launched. The division services the mining industry through out Southern Africa.



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