The KC-70-FM model range extends from 0.5 ton - 20 ton capacity and incorporates the following design features suitable for heavy duty Mining and Industrial use:
• Tested and fully compliant with S.A National Standards (SABS) specifications SANS 1594 - safety, design, quality, performance certified.
• Comprehensive Operating & Maintenance Manual - safety.
• Twin pawl braking system - extra safety.
• Forged, yielding hooks with forged trace ability and measurement markings - safety.
• High efficiency ratio - lower operator fatigue.
• Strong free end chain anchor and chain stop preventing chain over wind - safety.
• ISO9001 certified manufacturer - quality, safety.
• Gear support frame independent of outer gear casing preventing gears from damage caused by external impact - reliability.
• Exceeds 4:1 WLL safety factor - safety.
• Heavy duty cast safety latches on all hooks to prevent accidental load disengagement - safety.
• Bolted type hook joints for hook shank inspection and lubrication - safety.
• Chain guide rollers to align twisted chain preventing chain, load sheave and chain guide damage e.g certain Mining applications
- safety, reliability, performance.
• Corrosion Resistant zinc plated G100 load chain compliant with SANS 16872 - safety, durability.
• Optional overload limit device available for each model.