Capacities range from 250kg's - 25 Ton

Key Features of LIFTKING Electric Chain Hoists

H-D Motor:
Made of light aluminium alloy the housing is light but strong. The cooling fins are specifically designed to ensure quick heat dissipation resulting in a 50% continuous running duty cycle.

Housing-IP54 Rating:
The integral enclosed structure allows the hoist to operate in Chemical Plants and Electroplating factory atmospheres.
Magnetic braking device:
The magnetic force generator is of the latest design for generating maximum magnetic force. It allows instant brake activation as soon as the electric supply power is shut off. Braking safety and effectiveness under load are assured.

Limit Switch:
The limit switches ensure that the motor stops automatically when the load chain reaches the permissable chain travel limit in either direction.
GR.80 alloy DAT case hardened high strength chain:
SANS 3077 & JIS B 8812 compliant.

Hot forged with ductile and high strength characteristics for maximum safety. The lower hook is designed for 360˚ rotation and incorporates a safety latch.

48V transformer provides low voltage power to the control handle and ensures operator safety against severe electric shock risk when in use.

Electromagnetic contactors:
Extra heavy duty, high quality electromagnetic contactors ensure safe operation and very long life even under high frequency usage conditions.

Inverse phase-sequence protecting device:
Ensures that the hoist cannot work if the power supply wiring is incorrectly connected.

E-stop Pendent Operating Control:
Pendant control incorporates an Emergency Stop button and is IP55 rated, waterproof, light and durable.

TUV tested and certified as CE compliant.

Optional Overload Limiter Device IP65 rated is available for all models.  When fitted all models comply with EN 14492-2.

Chain container supplied for standard lift.  For longer lifts chain containers are optional extras.

Power voltages are standard: 380V + 525V 50Hz, 3 phase.  Other voltages available on request.

Hooks & DAT heavy duty load chain are marked and certificated for traceability.